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  • Volta Racers

    Introducing Volta Racers

    The world's first solar car powered by a flexible polycrystalline solar cell.

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  • Volta Racers

    Sunswift and ToyLabs team to teach kids about solar powered vehicles

    The University of New South Wales Sunswift Solar Racing Team uses Volta Racers to inspire kids to reach for the sun!

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  • Volta Racers

    At ToyLabs

    We're developing new ways to harness the sun to power your fun.

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Click here to see the Volta Racer in action on various surfaces and terrains.


The Volta Racer is available in Blue, Black, Gray, Green, Pink and White.


Powered by the sun - no batteries required! Volta Racer uses advanced flexible solar technology to power its drive train. Volta Racer's chassis, frame and wheels are made of super lightweight and durable recyclable materials. The axles are made of bamboo - a strong natural wood resource. Thomas Edison used bamboo as the light filament in the world's first incandescent light bulb. Once assembled - let the sun power your fun.


Click here to access Volta Racer assembly instructions, tips and technical information


Volta Racer ships to you as a DIY kit. Right out of the box - it requires nothing more than your bare hands and about 15 minutes of your time to assemble. The frame and chassis allows you to experiment with two different solar panel configurations and two speed gear modes. Parents and Teachers can use the Volta Racer to teach the basic principles of solar, renewable energy and mechanical engineering concepts to kids.