STEM-Logo-about-us2-300x135ToyLabs is changing the way young minds think about the future -today! We design and develop innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning experiences for K-12 students. Our mission is to inspire and empower young minds with fun, exciting and purposeful scientific learning activities while providing parents and teachers with relevant tools to help them proactively engage their kids in the learning process. Our products are used in schools, homes, and parks throughout the world.

We started by developing the world’s first miniature polycrystalline silicon solar cell built on a flexible substrate to power our Volta Racer Solar Motorcar kits, and we’re now launching the world’s first solar powered glider airplane kit for kids – the Volta Flyer. Our science kits provide students with practical hands-on learning experiences (experiential learning). When building ToyLabs science kits students learn about basic mechanical engineering, basic electronics, renewable energy, aerodynamics and aeronautics.

ToyLabs continues to develop innovative learning platforms to bring new levels of engagement, customization and personalization to our products. Parents and teachers will be able to leverage our platforms to formally or informally engage their kids or students with practical hands-on STEM education.