Volta Flyer


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The Volta Flyer is the world’s first solar powered airplane science project for kids! The kit contains all of the prefabricated parts and components necessary to build your very own solar airplane. The Volta Flyer can be assembled in as little as 20 minutes without special tools or glues – just your hands.

When building the Volta Flyer – kids will learn about basic mechanical engineering, aeronautics, electronics and renewable energy. The solar “panel-on-wing” technology and unique power management system enables the sun to power your flights – no batteries required. You just need the sun to power up your fun!

The Volta Flyer ships with a unique thin-film flexible amorphous silicon solar panel, a fuselage with wing receiver and embedded electronics, two sets of wings and vertical stabilizers, a set of wing joiners, and a set of cool decals to customize your Flyer. Detailed assembly instructions and a tutorial on aeronautics and the Volta Flyer’s electronic circuit design are included in the box and available online.

Length: 7.5” | Wingspan:16.5” | Height: 3” | Amorphous Silicon Solar Panel Operating Voltage: 4.8 & Wattage: .48

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  • *Temporarily sold out.