Volta Solar Panel Kit

Volta Solar Panel Kit


The Volta Solar Panel Kit is a Lightweight, Flexible ThinFilm Solar Technology (the same panel we use to power the Volta Flyer). The panel is manufactured using a durable polymer substrate and an amorphous silicon absorber layer. The panel has a strong environmental profile and is cadmium free. Included in the kit are a pair of cables with clips used to connect the solar panel with various devices for powering (small electric motors or lightbulbs). Kids, Parents and Teachers can integrate the solar panel as a power source for their own science experiments or maker projects.

Panel Specifications: Operating Voltage: 4.8 | Wattage: .48 | Current: 100 | Typ Voc: 6.4V | Typ Isc: 130mA | Typ Output @ AM 1.5: 110mA @ 4.8V | Width: 146 mm/5.75 in | Length: 94mm/3.7 in | Weight: (kg) 3.9 g / (lb) .1 oz | Total Thickness (mm) 0.22 mm

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